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Raised in a town which is known for more cows gazing grass than actual waves rolling in, it wasn't very obvious to start surfing for Julia. Thanks to her marine biologist dad and vitamine D addicted mom, she was lucky enough to escape Groningen (NLD) during the summer holidays, and visit the warmer countries of Europe. Yearly, the family made their way towards the Mediterranean Sea to start their search in finding the most colourful diving sites: and so her passion for the ocean was created. The same was planned for the summer of 2005, but this plan changed quickly when their van decided to stop driving around the area of Bordeaux. With the last bit of power they made it to the Atlantic coast of France. This is where Julia saw people riding waves for the first time. It was at that moment that she discovered a new passion.


Since I make use of mother nature I feel obliged to give back. That is why I am trying to raise awareness via projects, clean-ups, and via any creative ideas that'll pop up in my mind. My main goal is to motivate people leaving places cleaner than found. In the end, we all make use of our precious nature.

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Proudly part of We Are Nature
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