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FINAL UPDATE - Project Plastic Indonesia

The last update about the project where Julia collects funds for a charity that's focused on plastic waste in Indonesia.


Interview Haagse Handen

Talking about Julia's idea for Puike Plannen, and why this project is necessary to realize in The Hague. (in Dutch)

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Interview SportNext

Do brands take advantage of athletes who also do (mirco-)influencing? (in Dutch)



Being born between the cows and living around the farm fields of Groningen (NLD), it wasn't very obvious to start surfing for Julia. Thanks to her marine biologist dad and vitamine D addicted mom, she was lucky enough to visit the warmer countries of Europe. Yearly, the family drove to the mediterranean sea to look for the most beautiful diving sites and so her passion for the ocean was created. The same was planned for the summer of 2005, but this plan changed quickly when the van broke down on a road in Bordeaux. With the last bit of power from the engine, they made it to the Atlantic coast of France. This is where the family saw people riding waves for the first time. It was at that moment that they discovered a new passion; surfing. Since then, Julia believes that everything happens for a reason.


A day in my life mostly consists of doing sports activities, cuddling with animals, study every now and then, work as a freelance surf instructor, thinking about sick new projects, and surf when there are waves. Thanks to the collaboration with my University, I am able to combine my study with the things I would like to do every day: looking for new adventures, sharing laughs and getting in touch with as many different cultures as possible.


During my travels I have been amazed by some beautiful places. Unfortunately, many of these were also polluted by plastic waste, which got me really shocked. Not only have I paddled through a line-up with my fingers strangled in candy packaging, but I have also seen manta rays with their mouth wide open collecting micro plastics while snorkeling. Since I make a lot of use of mother nature, I feel obliged to give something back. That is why I am trying to raise awareness of the human treatment of nature and animals through social media. This with the goal to eventually motivate people to leave nothing but footprints, or even clean up a little. Everyone who makes use of nature should be an ambassador of our mother earth.


Proud ambassador for Stichting Clear Water Initiative
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Julia is a surfer from Holland who likes to share adventures with you. She hopes to motivate people around the world to start caring a bit more about our planet.   >> read more 


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