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Adventure - 'Morocco.'

Bijgewerkt: 26 mrt 2019


Things to do

Visit markets

I always experience having overweighted luggage while flying back to Holland. That's all because Morocco has beautiful decorations for your home to offer. This means that getting it for a cheap price requires you to be a good negotiator, which I am definitely not. I literally fell in love with everything, and so my travel budget was spent real quickly. Depending on the location, most of the sellers will start at a price 3 times higher than its actual worth. My negotiating tip will be to start at 1/3 of the price you’re willing to pay, or apply the walk-away technique: sometimes it works, but sometimes you'll have to do the walk of shame back. Hahaha.

Ride a camel - or not

Who thinks about Morocco, thinks of camels and dromedary. The animals are a bit smelly, but hilarious to look at when they are chewing. I had the possibility to ride one after a local farmer offered me, but had double feelings afterwards when I saw his worn knees. For me it was a one-time experience; I’d rather pet them or see them in the wild.

Go for a surf at sunset'o'clock The moment I saw the first sunset in the water was overwhelming to me. The sun is so big and the light combined with the scenery makes it all a perfect picture that you’ll always keep in mind. Though, my eyes hurt as hell afterwards because of looking to the waves towards the sun all the time. But yeah. That sun was pretty epic though.

Search for puppies and hug them If you're a puppy lover, watch out with the cuteness overload in Morocco. You’ll see loads of them, abandoned or with their family. They are all looking at you with the most adorable eyes, making you want to take all of them home. It seems to be a complicated procedure, but hey, you can always try it.


Tips for traveling


I would recommend everyone to visit this country. It will definitely change your perspective on their culture, since some people from Holland experience this differently. Forget about the things you've seen on the news and visit this country without judgements. Eventually, this will make you create your own opinion which is the most important thing.

We've spent a week in Morocco and had the opportunity to use a personal driver offered by the Solid Surf House, who brought us anywhere. The most ideal way to travel to surfspots is by car, but if you're traveling low-budget it is also possible to go by taxi or bus.


We've had the possibility to stay at the Solid Surf House, based in Tamraght (Agadir), which is very close to Taghazout. The sweetest people work here and they will prepare the best, typical Moroccan food for you. They can provide you with surf and yoga lessons, and many more things. >> read more about the Solid Surf House

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