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Project - Puike Plannen 'Plastic Free The Hague.'

Bijgewerkt op: 27 mrt. 2019

Last winter I took part in an idea competition organized by the municipality of The Hague. The person with the best idea for The Hague was able to win 50.000 euros to realize the project. And so, I decided to sign up with my idea for a more Plastic Free The Hague. Of the 130 ideas that were send in, I ended up in the last 10. Then, I had to pitch my plan. Check out the video below to see me pitching with some very sweaty hands. (subtitles available)

Out of the 10 persons who had to pitch, I ended up in the last 3. So, onto the last round: the voting part. The part I honestly don't really like because I don't feel comfortable to ask people to do something for me. Anyhow, everything for awareness and so I decided to create this video with my amazing edit skills! Guli + cinematographer = gulimatographer. They say it's all in the name. :)

With a difference of 3 percent with the number one, I unfortunately ended up second. Pretty bummed, but I still see it as a big victory at the same time. Throughout this campaign, this message has reached a lot of people on the social media channels. If I only could get 1 euro per view for the main video, I would already have won this competition. Pretty stoked with that. For me it's all about the message and the spread of awareness, and let's keep on doing that! Thanks for the experience Be Hague


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