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Project - World Animal Protection

In collaboration with World Animal Protection I created this video to support their campaign to clean the ocean from ghost fishing nets, and help sea life that has been affected by the fishing gear. Last summer Puck and I tried to live plastic free in Indonesia. We accepted this challenge because we felt shocked by the amount of plastic that we sometimes encounter in the water while surfing. Besides single-used plastics, ghost fishing nets are also a large contributor to this plastic pollution. These are fishing nets abandoned by their owners which are now freely floating through our waters. These nets are said to be the largest threat to underwater life, as they can exist underwater for up to 600 years and often entangle sea creatures in them. Coincidentally, two seals have washed ashore in the Netherlands recently, one having his head stuck in a frisbee and the other completely tangled up in fishing nets. Because of this problem I've decided to make this video in support of the organization World Animal Protection and their current campaign. They are attempting to avoid fishing gear from ending up in the oceans, to clean the ocean from ghost fishing nets, and to help sea life that has been affected by the fishing gear. This is your chance to help protect our underwater world from ghost fishing nets. For a single contribution of 9,95 you can play a role in fighting this problem and in return you will receive a pair of VR glasses with underwater footage. Small effort, many karma points. :) >> help now Besides this campaign, they put animals on the global agenda. Why? Because a sustainable future for the planet can only be achieved if both animals and people are part of the solution. They are working in three ways to protect animals from ghost fishing gear, by:

1) Bringing together partners to stop gear being abandoned 2) Supporting new ways to remove ghost gear from the seas 3) Helping to replicate successful local sea animal rescue efforts on a global scale 

Video made by Nico de Voogd Puck Dekkers & me


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