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Final Update - Project Plastic Indonesia

The plasticized island of Gods .. and barrels Last month I was on Bali, an island with one of the clearest waters and the most amazing surf spots - goofy paradise in dry season - but also a place receiving a lot of attention regarding its plastic pollution. Without any doubt you'll see candy packaging, plastic bags or fishing gear floating around while waiting for the next set of waves. Two extreme opposites battling for the future of our nature. Project Plastic As a surfer, I make a lot of use of mother nature. Therefore, I feel obliged to give something back and so this project came into being. During my stay I wanted to collect as much plastic as possible, in exchange for donations. The idea was to sail along the islands of Indonesia by boat but unfortunately we couldn't continue our journey due to technical problems. We were urged to go back to the island of Gods, and so this project was continued on Bali.

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With this project, the amazing amount of 1100 euro's was collected and donated to Merah Putih Hijau. I've paid them a visit at the facility, where I was able to capture some shots to show you what the money was invested in. Thanks a million to all the people who supported this project. I am not able to see all the names, so please contact me if you'd like to share your name, say hi or if you have any further questions related to this project.

Grab yourself some popcorn and enjoy!


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