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Update - Project Plastic Indonesia

- in English -

Allriiight! It's been a few days since the kick-off of this project, and I am super surprised by the amount of people that already got involved. I started this project with the idea that all bits help, and I didn't expect the involvement would be like this at all. So many thanks for that. We've had some adventurous days on the boat with no electricity or connection, so the updates have been limited so far. Now, we are back in hipstertown Bali and unfortunately couldn't continue our boat journey due to technological difficulties. I will continue this project during my time in the water and on land as much as possible. Luckily, the beards of all the hipsters here seem to pick up a lot of WiFi signal, so I am finally able to write down the first update! Together, we have already managed to collect an amount of .. *drumrolls* Two hunderd and sixtynine euros! (= USD 302)

That's insane, and enough to pay for one month of a facility manager's salary, plus 50 collection bins to help MPH with collecting waste. But, we aren't there yet. Let's try to reach the 500 euro's so we can make an even bigger impact. Yiiiihaaa! DONATE NOW

Photo's below: The clean up gear I am using:

- the yellow bag to store all the waste

- the red/white Trshbg that I can attach to my leg while snorkeling or surfing - - flippers, mask and snorkel to be able to stay underneath the surface for as long as possible - a small weighting scale to keep track of all my findings Photo's of random things I've found: - many flipflops - a brand new table cloth which was still dry - a mie goreng which didn't taste that well - got myself a new fannypack and Louis Vuitton wallet. (real for sure) - also a perfect example of a straw that was left alone for so long that it started breaking down into microplastics.


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